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miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010


JUST finished watching on rtv.es, El Escarabajo Verde, 'Cabo Polonio, El Ultimo Refugio', down there in the south of America. Sea wolves, whales, and such, not much
else, except some fishing, little water, some tourism, nice/picturesque scenes you know, the ocean/sand kind, no electricity/water, sewage treatment or septic tanks, as always not mentioned.

THAT, explains the tittle. For some time I have shared my views, often odd, even, contradictory, abrasive, irrational, angry, blunt about many different issues, things affecting my life, the virtual/the real. This documentary presents as most of the time,
with most environment documentaries from SPAIN, the sad pathetic reality, reproduced in any confinement of the world one can think of.

PEOPLE without understanding the forces, principles that rule NATURE. I can not see why any reasonable person, without any schooling or with lots, would insist on living in such a precarious environment where there is NOTHING, to survive except for the tourist season.

The fishermen blame the sea wolves for their little fishing. Having to go further in the ocean to catch whatever. It is the 'enemy' according to the stupid looking fellow interviewed. In the past they used to kill the sea wolves, hacking them on the head for their skin/oil, something done until recently, up in the north.

People building illegal houses, made out of wood in just eight hours at night, are spreading like spores, to have a place to enjoy the summer time....

Meanwhile the GALAPAGOS are going the exact or worse way, since they have more
tourists and ten times that population. In brief, all the words said written or spoken
to save the earth, particularly the GLOBAL WARMING CULT, is a LOT of HOGWASH.

People are destroying everything in sight. In the water, fishing all they can no matter what. On the ground, burning destroying forests to cultivate for 3 years, moving to the
next plot..Polluting/destroying both. People procreating as rabbits. This madness is on an individual, group or multinational mode, everywhere you can think of...

IN consequence all discussion to save the EARTH, is a bunch of crap. I do not see any
hope, real, reasonable, plausible hope...All is left is the silly, irritating one: FAITH.
Time to go....

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lamaga dijo...

Caí por curiosidá, el problema que no cazo una en inglé...algo en español para leer?
Saludos y gracias por pasar.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Mira lah fotoh, Maga. O ve a lah
entrah antiguah, ahi hay en