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lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010


ONE, IF NOT the only pleasure of watching cable tv is the chance to watch what goes on in other countries. In endemismo, the environment, landscape management, nurseries, parks and garden designs issues. Even movies in exteriors should be judged by the amount of greenery in the plot.

In this case, EL ESCARABAJO VERDE, or the Green Beetle, on the web,
cultural.es, present documentaries written and filmed a wise, honest, non romantic staff. This is the most intense program I have watched in a ages. It is not the first time. I invite ALL visitors to the blog to watch it. It makes no difference if you do not understand the language, get an interpreter.

This time different regions of Spain were presented and discussed regarding the trend of uprooting OLIVE TREES over a century old for what? To plant them in some rich guy/gal garden. The trees are sold to
nurseries, then sold to pretentious jerks and jerkettes.

As you know, any space with trees becomes a habitat for everything else
flora/fauna. When you uproot the trees with a backhoe, no matter how
careful you are not to damage the trees, you destroy everything else,
soil and biodiversity, something not mentioned in the program.

But age is no limit. Some trees over five hundred years were mentioned
as being uprooted and sold, including some a thousand and over. It is
MEN tendency to make profits out of anything imaginable related to NATURE without any other consideration. Fortunately, in some regions of the mother country,
there are stiff laws, regulations and penalties to stop this madness.

The reason to justify the destruction of these impressive olive plantations is that they are not 'productive' or there is no cheap labor. However a five hundred year old in the documentary produced 600 kilos of olives, versus the 20 kilos average for younger specimens. The difference according to the senior owner is that is harder to pick the fruit, because
of the height of the tree...But that is not a big deal for him.

In the USA, the trend moons ago was with SAGUAROS, very similar
to what takes place in Spain now...The program ended like a hammer in the forehead stress...A former great in its natural form Olive Tree, transformed in some ridiculous BONSAI pruned just like a damned wedding cake in a small town plaza.

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Stephanie dijo...

Precious trees sold ?! Why don't they let those trees grow there? Poor trees :-( Actually, they can turn the place to a tourist/educational destination/centre for olive trees.