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sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010


WHEN you visit the guerrillagardening.com site, you realize that it is not
in the tropics...Actually, I am one in a small group in the blogosphere, virtual or real, practicing it regularly, at least with the adequate reports and systematic observation.

Today it rained rhinos and orcas down in Puercorico, USA. I decided to spread some Cosmos sulpherous, Merremias, Clitorias and to take advantage of the trip, the New England like light cloudy day conditions to
observe and plant a maguey, to share with lazy chair readers and gardeners alike.

The original guerrilla act with Tamarindus indica, Thevetia peruviana, Maguey and Cosmos by the train station, has survived. Only the
Thevetia looks like manure.. However, it is amazing the amount
of Cosmos that have tolerated the 15/20 days without water. I counted 65.
That means that at least 50% will bloom and self seed, before the next
municipal executioner trimmer squad make their appearance.

For this reason I decided to move the operations to the San Carlos abandoned building. There will be no trimmers. In my previous post,
I mentioned what was planted, only Cavalinna maritima, is new, planted yesterday. That is that in the guerrilla department...Imagine what you could do with two or three people with similar vision in your own country.

Good news edible/juiceable wise...The oranges in pictures, to the right of the blog were collected today...The quality of the juice has not been determined, yet. The lemons are coming along...The papayas will be ready pretty soon....But not the sweet Capsicum, apparently attacked by some virus...One of the interesting vines, a DK, with intense fragrance virtues, has departed.

As mentioned a week ago, the white flies kept coming no matter what I did. Even after I spread the secret insecticide among the Ixoras and Tecomas next door, left and right. I got sick of it. I have mentioned that
gardening should be a pleasurable activity, particularly on our free time.

I pulled out the trunk of this vine and put it in a pot, but I have not much
hope due to the woodiness of it...If it survives fine...This vine is one of those that I find in my collecting trips...Probably from Guanica, my favorite place to run away from noise, cellular in hand chatting foolishly natives and imported Dominicans, in the island of concrete/asphalt: Puercorico USA. Time to go.

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Stephanie dijo...

I know, I know! I have white aphids and mealy bugs that keep attacking the same plant even after I spray repellers/insecticede on them regularly. I do not understand why they keep attacking the same plant. Hmm... I think they like to continuous give me extra jobs to do in the garden!

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

You will have to:
Determine the optimum conditions for the plant to grow. Go to search with
the botanical name, under diseases and growing conditions there may be a clue.

Lame example. IXORAS. They need FULL sun ALL DAY, if planted in situations with shade/humidity you will have sooty mold and white flies.
Really disgusting. I got rid of them, all.

In your situation relocate the plant.
Find out the life cycle of these insects and attack accordingly.

Or get rid of it as I did with the vine. Even after I cut and uprooted
it, there were some white ones two days later.

If there are other plants with the same problem around,killing the insects in one plant will not do since they
move back and forth the corner near by..

Good luck...

Stephanie dijo...

Well, I cut off most of the branches if needed. Getting rid of the plant will be last resort. Thanks for your advice. It really helps :-D