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sábado, 21 de marzo de 2009


ONE OF THE REASONS I write a blog is that not having a company following the herd I have some moral standing to write, say, the issues discussed here. I did not post what you humbly write because there is no profile, however, your question is valid.
That is why I take the time to answer.

If I had a wife and children, I would certainly have a tough decision. To be honest, critical, denouncing the stupidity and avarice moving most people in landscaping companies or low ballers operations. Or to go happy go lucky planting Ficus for hedges, sterile oceans of grass, palm trees (as many/expensive) as the customer could afford, as close as possible to the walls/roof of the structure as it is use and custom in the isle.

Is that simple? Certainly not. No one told you to get married, or to have children without resources. Sex and children are not inseparable. Protection is not expensive,
is available and easy to install, even if one can not read the instructions.

Having to pay a mortgage, a car? When one takes that kind of responsibility, without
the adequate financial planning, in addition to the wife and kids...One has put himself/herself in the perfect trap of the American Dream. If you follow the news media you probably noticed that many people who have lost their houses, made
loans four times their combined salaries. If one gets sick, lose his/her job that is that.

NOW, should one pollute air, water, soil with gas, propane, oil, diesel used in every
machine used for landscape maintenance to make money for all the above? Should
one plant FICUS, PALMS, grass in every possible space to make money? I could not do it.
But I do not have any of the situations mentioned, because I made PLANS, for my life.

As to the probable, necessary, efficient use of manual tools in certain contexts, why not? Would not be intelligent, to offer for a sliding fee the use of manual tools: hand pruners, rakes, push lawn mowers to customers willing
to keep the quiet for them and the fauna? Without ANY pollution?

Imagine "J ORTIZ LANDSCAPING SERVICES', is happy to be the first one
in the GREEN INDUSTRY to offer our loyal customers, aware of the destruction of the environment by pollution and noise, the option of quiet, clean
landscape maintenance for a sliding fee. Please ask to our representative, give us
a call or send an email. We will be happy to comply.

I have used all those tools. I do not know how much they damage the health of the employees using them all day, but I confess one thing. It is silly to use a blower in
most cases since a light well built brush could do the job, except in large estates, commercial settings. Or when the leaves are wet, and the blower does not help,
as well as a rake would. The most hilarious thing is that once done with the blower you have to get a dust pan and broom for finishing touches.

I believe I have covered the whole court, except one. Why did I change to English?
As some may have noticed I used to write in Spanish. But I noticed that in Puerto Rico, those who were reacting to what interest me, were not into gardening. In terms of stats it that was only two readers, naming a few things in over a hundred comments.

On the other hand, since my duty is to denounce, being critical besides the great
pleasure of propagating/collecting , English has a wider audience in general.
In in terms of gardening/horticulture, professional/amateur, serious or trivial in any continent, it is a hundred times wider and more susceptible to comment
on the essence of what is written versus the hipothetical value of the pictures.

Until then, thanks for writing and get a profile. This is not personal. YOU do not
tell a film, literature critic not to critize, because you have to feed your family.

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