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jueves, 19 de marzo de 2009


I RECEIVED FAN MAIL a while ago, a wordy communication from an employee whose
employer once upon a time was a regular here, in the comments department. Even though he demonstrated some anger and annoyance to something I wrote, he did not insult yours truly. My experience is that gardeners for hire are mostly illiterate, unable to read instructions on labels. I apologize if any one has been offended by my HORTICULTURAL CREATIVE CRITICISM.

The person in question was spraying a FICUS hedge in a lot with uneven grass.
I was curious and asked a simple question, is this a bush or tree? He assumed I did not
know, which is irrelevant. If one does not know the botanical name, but knows it is a tree, it is meaningless. However trees are not used anywhere as
hedges as it is being done with FICUS in Puerto Rico for the last 10/15 years.

Moons ago HIBISCUS, MURRAYA PANICULATA ,IXORAS and other bushes were used all
over the island as HEDGES. They are certainly useful for privacy, noise reduction or
hiding ugly structures such as electricity generators, garbage dumpsters and so on.
I believe they look nice in a formal garden, to frame, give focus/perspective, even if
I have/will have nothing to do with them.

In Puerto Rico, one sees hedges in every corner, in the private sector to bill more
often since hedges require once a week or twice a month trimming. In the public a sure sign
of stupidity, particularly when done in roads/highway medians without room to
maneuver risking the life of employees with the traffic.

Those who are plain stupid or ignorant, or wise/avaricious planting such trees as
FICUS for hedges should not be offended. After all I am writing the history of the landscaping management in Puerto Rico. NO one else is. If you start reading from the very first blog, you will notice that out of every ten articles,
at least three mention some type of plant, bush, tree, climber, ground cover. Either endemic or exotic.

This blog could be used after editing as just an INVENTORY of what s not sold
in stores or nurseries. Many of these are ignored by agronomists, landscape architects, and the whole rainbow doing landscaping in our isle. The other
possibility for not using this type of plants, trees, bushes is the slow rate of
growth. I can not see other reason, for the irrational use of FICUS as hedges by people with college degrees, illiterate ones or neither of the above.

The funny thing is that some people who are complaining about my criticism, and others who remain quiet, once upon a time, in a far away time, received me resume.. Unfortunately, there was no courtesy response. One thing is evident. If you have the ability/time
and read everything here, the bulk, the heavy bulk is clear: NO TURF, NO HEDGES,
NO PALM TREES are the three fundamental principles under which I judge/write.

POLLUTING the environment, with gasoline, oil, propane gas, diesel, while using
lawn mowers, blowers, trimmers is unaceptable, period. Air, water, soil, and noise
pollution are a sign of backwardness, a destructive contradiction while gardening. It is not only
against our health, but that of nature, flora and fauna. When in court accused of anything, the rule is simple, not knowing
does not make you innocent, nor it is an excuse. Until next.. .Thanks for the opportunity...

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