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miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2009


I KNOW, some fans may wonder the need of all these botanical names. To them I write, try to solve any problem without it. The most complete inventory in endemismo so far, but like that
cathedral started by Gaudi, it will remain unfinished because there are still unidentified plants at home. When one collects from the field, wild sources, seeds,
stems, or from friends and relatives with interest in horticulture is not easy. There are not many worth buying books on the subject, except those by Miner, who has four or five books in related subjects on Puerto Rico's flora in libraries.\\

One issue worth mentioning Is that some plants are considered weeds, around five
of my favorite climbers are wild, hard to find in reference books.. Further down the
road in will publish some photos, not being a photographer, it requires some planning. On the other hand there are too many blogs on this subject about photography in a what seems to me a vacuum. The picture is all, often without ID.

  1. Euphorbia pulcherrima
  2. Thespesia populnea
  3. Cestrum diurnum
  4. Frangipani
  5. Coccoloba uvifera
  6. Bauhinia
  7. Clitoria ternatea
  8. Mangifera indica
  9. Pandanus utilis
  10. Chrysothemis pulchella
  11. Hippeastrum
  12. Pithelobium dulce
  13. Merremia quinquefolia
  14. Cannavalia Maritima
  15. Portulaca olaraceae
  16. Thevetia peruviana
  17. Tradescantia palida
  18. Commelina elegans
  19. Talinum triangular
  20. Urena lobata
  21. Calliandra
  22. Murraya paniculata
  23. Hibiscus
  24. Ixora
  25. Turnera ulmifolia/diffusa/subulata
  26. Ruellia brittoniana
  27. Manihot esculenta
  28. Ochna mossabisensis
  29. Pereskia corrugata
  30. Cuphea hissofolia
Pseuderanthemun reticulatum, Pedilantus euphorbiaceae, Burleria repens, Polyscia fruticosa/balfouriana, Dracaena marginata, Pleomeles reflexa, Hibiscus, Bixa Orellana,
Frangipani acutifolia/lutea/rubra, Tulbaghia violacea, Anthurium.

Capsicum, Lipia Micromera, Insulina, Ocimun Basilicum, Citrus Limonium,
Origanum vulgare, Peperomia Pellucida, Cajanus cajan, Rosmarinus officinalis and Aloe vera.


Yesterday while talking a walk in what is known as The Golden Mile, for the aglomeration
of money laundering institutions (banks/mortgage originators/and else) could not help but
noticing the uneven, cracked, sidewalks. It is a trip watching the elegant ladies mostly office
workers trying to keep the balance in such pathetic conditions. I declare right know that
highways, roads and sidewalks in the Metro Area in San Juan are pretty similar to those in
Bagdhad in aesthetics or physical condition.


  1. Cosmus sulphureous
  2. Mirabilis siciliana
  3. Hemerocallis
  4. Oxalis
  5. Allium
  6. Scadoxus
  7. Crinum
  8. Sanseverias
  9. Costus Graptophyllum
  10. Trimela caribea
  11. Catharantus roseus
  12. Gloriosa rothschildiana
  13. Proiphys amboinensis
  14. Aglaomena
  15. Diffembachia
  16. Orchid
  17. Alocasia macrorihiza
  18. Datura stramonium
  19. Nephrolepsis
  20. Zamia
Eucare, Pseuderantemun carruthersii, Arashis hipogea, Tradescantias, Ipomoea quamoclit/batata, bejuco de puerco, Guaicum, Passiflora edulis, Syngonium, Jazminum
Multiflorum,Tulbaghia violacea, Rhoe spathacea, Allamanda cathartica, Brumfelsia pauciflora, Calliandra Haemathocephala, Alocasia cuculata, Zephyrantes, Carica papaya,
Tartago, Bouganvillea and last for the moment but not least for Spindalis/Hummingbirds
at least the red variety IXORAS.

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