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sábado, 21 de marzo de 2009


YESTERDAY WAS a DARK and stormy afternoon in our batatarian isle. The judicial
victory of a former governor celebrated, the defeat in the world baseball event already forgotten. OUR, keyboard operator got some courage to get rid of a couple of plants.

These two plants an Agavacea, pretty much like the ones used to make TEQUILA has been in my collection for five years. No matter how beautiful, it is
impossible to plant in the ground or keep in a pot unless there is a lot of space. This baby can grow ten feet in diameter. Better to get rid of it in a timely fashion. However, I did not throw it from a bridge as some fellow islanders do when tired of their pets.

I found a dry, five blocks from home a not too desolate lot to plant it. I made a mistake. Instead of bringing
the gardening pick (a 18 inches one), not the huge ones that silly unpractical people
such as Doglas Candelabro uses, I brought a small gardening trowel. The soil was pretty much construction debri, hard as a rock. The solution?

I put some rocks on the right side of this Maguey steadying it, for support and covered the root ball with loose
soil I was able to dig with difficulty. Fortunately, the area had been scouted previously, there is dense grass growing about two feet high, hiding this guerrilla gardening treasure from public employees with noisy trimmers, at least for
a while. Further reports as seem necessary in the future.

The other act took place in the adopted house. Next door. In a corner of the front garden I planted a weird nice looking tree, about 3 feet high without a single leaf.
It is related to the Ripsalis family..

I have not doubts that both plants will do well, since I can check them out.
Farrukito's cats will implant the usual dose nutrients on the soil...And top of all this,.. It rained, natures blessing.

It is hilarious how the blog stalker just write about issues wrongly interpreted as personal. Even though four new fresh, one is a translation, posts are published, only one, just a bait, for a test was commented. Not one, four times. As a rule anonymous
profiles not allowed.

The sun will come out in a few minutes. Our favorite early moment. Diva goes to her
Zen out house, smelling everything to check for cat presence, while I the not so humble once in a while gardener monitors for insects, enjoy the sight, smell the Frangipanis. One thing is clear. Gardening as a job, makes the senses dull, aesthetics
become an after thought, money the principle, the end.

Thanks for the memories...Jaha until next....
Todays multiple blogs were brought to you by the letters: Ficus Endemismo
Element and Dull or F E E D.

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