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martes, 10 de marzo de 2009


ONE PRACTICES horticulture with different results, not thought before hand, besides the choosing, propagating and planting. Those activities flow naturally as time goes by. The flowers, fragrances are bonuses, so are the fruits when one does gardening with edible intentions. Often, as in my case, the eating from the effort is nule. Except for Oregano, Capsicum, Basil or Rosemary.

With ornamentals the satisfaction is visual or nasal. One irrigates, monitors, take care
of the plant, bush, tree, ground cover or climber and waits. The results are not what we
want all the time, but often.

However, there is no greater pleasure when those walking by the sidewalk, express some comment, compliment on the garden development. With ours, Tito and Don Miguel, are
frequent visitors, stopping to chat, inquire, or request a plant or seed of this or that. We comply and give away whatever is of their interest.

Today was different. Tito, inquired about taking some pictures to pick one for the package
of some soil potting mix that will hit the market soon. The candidates are the Orchid, Cosmos, Turnera diffusa/ulmifolia or Frangipanis pink/yellow. Even though I have contemplated the possibility of a calendar, this was a surprise.

Later Don Miguel commented on the health of this garden in plain view of all those walking
or driving by.. A great pleasure for yours truly. What else can a humble gardener ask for?

Now is time for the HALL OF FAME. This is a selection that I would plant anywhere in the tropics under similar conditions: a mile from the Atlantic, saline breezes, sandy soil and intense heat that gets worse in the summer. Particularly, if I had to leave the premises and
start from scratch, something that has happened four times.

  1. TURNERAS diffusa, ulmifolia, tubulata
  2. FRANGIPANIS lutea, rubra, acutifolia
  3. ClITORIA terrata
  4. IPOMOEAS quamoclit, batata
  5. BURLERIA repens
  6. DRACAENA marginata
  7. MIRABILIS siciliana
  9. MURRAYA paniculata
  10. CHINESE violet
FIFTEEN possibilities that will add fragrance, contrast in height, width, fragrance, texture to your garden or any other. With the advantage that these are not over used. Until next...

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