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jueves, 12 de marzo de 2009


JUDGING FROM "LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT' a serious magazine for the professional involved in this field, not much for you or the environment. If you read carefully the articles, or just the tittles, one will find that anything except ECOLOGICAL considerations move those in this segment of the for profit economy.

The ENVIRONMENT is just an afterthought, an obstacle to profits. It is consequence of rigid laws regarding the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers. All these pollute water, soil, air, in addition to gas, oil, propane and diesel, in old/new
lawn mowers to increase speed, efficiency and profits.

NOISE POLLUTION is also an issue for the environment, people and fauna. Blowers,
trimmers, hedge pruners, and others disturbing our peace and that of other creatures.

In Puerto Rico, all that seems bad in USA/CANADA is worst. In those territories many states, counties, provinces, require that people doing any kind of work related
to LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT, possess some type of certificate to use those chemicals already mentioned, some of which are really dangerous for us and many creatures right now, also in the long run since many accumulate in soil/water. There are agencies enforcing the law, giving fines and/or jail for violators.

Down here is a different story. Ask for the records required by FEDERAL LAW, regarding dates, hours of day when polluting chemicals of all types were used. Find out if any training was given to the workers spraying whatever. Could they show you the safety equipment used by these workers while spraying toxic chemicals? If working on their own, could these employees read the instructions for the use of
toxic chemicals?

Were the people in the neighborhood forewarned of the use of chemicals forty hours before? For their safety, their children and pets? Oooppss. NOT here.

The Green Industry in USA/CANADA, does not hide behind doors to conduct business. They pay income taxes, Medicaid, Social Security. They offer vacations,
holidays, sick days, training to their staff.

NOT HERE. Once notices that many hide their names, conduct unindentified vehicles, and are always acting with suspicion as if people like yours truly are
into something, to take away their business? To put them on the spot for money
laundering? For not following the law? That was the reaction of Gabriel Berriz, a jerk
of Cuban origin during the interview many years ago, after making this humble
servant to wait for more than an hour.

Right after arriving from New York with my certificate in Commercial Horticulture
Landscape Management, I approached people in Gramas Lindas, Peannuck Gardens,
American Lawn and many many others. They all operate with this behind the curtains, modus operandi, afraid of being caught in one scam: billing too much,
or doing shitty installments of gardens, grass or palms, all they can do....

One thing is certain. IN USA/CANADA or Puerto Rico, people leading these companies have no respect for the environment, the earth, nature, ecology since
their motivation is money, the faster the better. That is why every article written
in LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT, no matter what the subject is, ends with speed and efficiency.

We will continue in upinthebreadfruittree with GRAMAS LINDAS AND american lawn, anecdotes, for the uninitiated.

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creo que me esta pasando un dejavú.... no habia leido esto antes??

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No se luego de ciento cuarenta escritos que mas da?

Lo que no veo es retroalimentacion ninguna. Y en su pais ocurre lo mismo? Le importa? Lo ha percibido?
O que?