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sábado, 21 de marzo de 2009


SOME readers may wonder why our unknown keyboard operator seems only capable to observe, pin point horticultural aspects that others prefer
to ignore, sweep under the rug or look the other way.

Slowly through research, investigation one can reach his/her own conclussion, that I do not feel we have to share or coincide. What I would not allow are unsolicited opinions without criteria or references.

Parque Donha Ines with the FLMM as accomplices, surpassed by a lot, all
the aberrations denounced here more than once regarding the destruction or our environment by the Green Industry in Puerto Rico, and its territories (agronomists/landscape architects) within the installation/maintenance of green areas/landscapes.

It all began with the destruction of all the biomas in twelve acres of land with a huge tractor similar to those used by Israel to destroy Palestinian
shanty towns.

Believe it or not. The first aberration was not doing the mandatory, intelligent inventory of flora/fauna. The responsibility of Alberto Areces Mallea, with more titles than the Duchess of Alba, was skipped, ignored.
Apparently Mr. Mallea thought that no one was looking. On the other, hand I feel he certainly has scorn for the exotic vegetation and Puerto Rican authorities as when they stole palm trees from the Mona Island, even though it is forbidden, according to Adolfo Gutierrez.

This gentleman spent his previous life in various necks of the woods studying/writing academic papers about cacti and other esoteric subjects that were not related to propagation or management. This was evident the day when he and Gabriela, stole the rooting enzimes from my working area. One does not have to immerse
in water stems to be planted. It was pathetic watching the Phd, in such

No inventory of flora/fauna. Next. Gabriela Ocampo the astounding
beautifull wife, of our ENDEMIC POPE, a she 'agronomist' forgot to make the soil tests to determine texture, composition, acidity, drainage of the twelve destroyed acres of land.
She signed many documents claiming the tittle and not being a member of the College of Agronomists Puerto Rico, as the law mandates.

Now imagine these two characters pompous as peacocks, walking around, destroying our patrimony and getting paid for it... No inventory of flora/fauna. No soil tests.

Once upon a time they started to dig the holes to plant the silly endemic trees, mostly from Guayanilla, in their park, now with aspirations of becoming a BOTANICAL GARDEN, jaha bilingual laugh..

Where was I ... the digging. The park directors discovered the soil in these acres chosen for the park is CALICHE.. I kept some stats about some of the holes.
The 4 feet deep 2 wide were filled with water when it rained. To be able
to plant, they have to wait ten/fifteen days. If it did not rain again. Dried
enough, the original planting mix created by Mallea/Ocampo was in. It would be interesting to pull out the endemic trees planted to check
them outl. I wonder how they make through this type
of soil. Caliche is almost solid rock with little permeability for water to sip through soil pores.

I have some thirty pictures/negatives, of the destruction. The land in Parque Donha Ines showing some similarity with the moon. One of the pictures shows shoe tracks, after the 400 hundred trucks with top soil, had deposited it, again, without soil analisis....And a journal with plenty
of anecdotes like the one when the furniture from former judge Pons, was appropiated by the directors of the Mama Ines Park.

Im tired.. I shall continue later... but some addresses if
you want to inquire. research, investigate: taken from the FLMM site: jquiros@flmm.org, treyesramis@ts-pr.com, ksuazo@flmm.org

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