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miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009


REJOICE, that is something seldom mentioned here, since our vocation is being critical. But once in a while one wakes up, goes monitoring through the garden and discovers the first orchid in our three decades of gardening, opened. I have to confess some sentimental feeling of happiness came briefly. This is a pink flower.

This orchid has taken root in a branch of my pink Frangipani also in the blooming mood, with the yellow Frangipani following. Smelling, judging a fragrance is sort of a trip. I have decided this yellow variety is very similar to a cut opened peach. Meanwhile the white Frangipani
refuses to follow his mates. Even though they are all in similar soil, ground; except for the pink
in a big rubber/plastic pot with a Barleria repens as a mantle enhancing its beauty.

The good news do not stop there. A Turnera diffusa, or Damiana for the people, is also in the mood. This bush originally from Mexico, was propagated in water, from three stems cuttings brought
from Toa Alta, some hick town, not too far from here. Out of the 3, this one survived, looking strong and healthy. Unlike the above mentioned, yesterday there were no signs of
flower buds.

Last but not least, flowering profusely is the Valencia Orange grafted tree. For the lay person,
plenty of oranges judging from the amount of flowers. But that is in the long run, right now,
these flowers have their beauty and intense fragrance, reminds one of Gardenias. Since we
are in the orchard paragraph, Lemon and Mango are also in this group, but no flowering signs yet. The last one has been so lazy, that has refused to shed or shoot leaves.

In a mood of rejoice, we go. Until next..

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