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lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009


ELEPHANT ears but unable to listen.. Yesterday was islander blog visiting amusement day.
And what fun...it was. The big news, somewhat sad, considering the nothingness
island, besides dancing, bottles and cards. Such national pride defeating USA in a childish ball game at a moment when it meant nothing for the prize. Flag flaunting and drum roll... But not one of our dead brain analysts commented on what trascends. The sport created, developed by USA is now dominated by a former declared war enemy and another part of a country in a non declared war, not far in that region. Japan/Korea.

But this is endemismotrasnochado. Not far from the residence of the Lesperians
Matriarch, in Rio Piedras, there is a Plaza. Four/five months ago there was some buzzing about trees to be destroyed, uprooted with the permits that 007 Recursos
Naturales had given to the construction company.

The bored, pure minded, unselfish students without much background in either
arboriculture or being able to identify these species of trees sentenced to death,
chained themselves to the fences and gate. The printed news media, television, and
radio jumped into the opportunity to go out and enjoy the scenery.

Oh what a crime to kill these beautiful trees! They purify our air, offer shade, allow
housing for the birds and so on.. The usual dull, lame argument to protect trees in
this neck of the woods.

Well virtual reader, I call it as I see it. These Mahogany trees had been mutilated by
machetes for decades, some look like shit, having lost their architecture. The worst looking ones are a couple of Ficus in what could be described as some kind of chained
gang punishment. One or both, are tied up with one inch diameter metal wires to the ground as if to stop them from running away. They look like crap. Not to get into the
apparent root rot showing in the few branches left with leaves. These trees are in front of the church in Rio Piedras. Soon to be known as RIO, you know as in Rio de Janeiro. Rio, Pais de Caguas, Porta del Sol...we exude original, really original marketing skills when trying to reinvent ourselves....

So what? Well when one starts hollering wolf, one should take a walk around the premises creating such havoc. What did I find? The mahogany trees 'saved' by the public uproar, ucares, and every one else are now sentenced to a certain cruel, slow death. THE self proclaimed tree saviors have not noticed that the construction company has destroyed a third or more of the root ball/system of the trees still standing! The roots have been cut to build the stairs and concrete paths.

That is why this blog continues preaching in the desert. Without any lost focus. The environment should not be treated as a pet when one is bored. I find repugnant posing for protagonist roles without any honest belief/understanding of
the preaching. What is the point of this ridiculous petition to save trees when they are being destroyed daily, differently, in your face? And you do not see it? Lets get the one thousand
signatures and then what? Are you well intended, goody/goody villagers planning to place some sort of bronze plaque to remember those trees killed, mutilated while collecting signatures?

dedicate this plaque to all those
fallen right away uprooted
and those with a death
sentence without
necessary roots

What about the future ones?

Final words. All these reminds me of a gossip pioneer in Puerto Rico. Mirta Silva, a talented singer/composer with a forgotten trayectory in Cuban/Puerto Rican music.
One of her promos in her tv show:' For the tourist, you are Puerto Rico'. From the concrete/asphalt isle of the Enchantment? This is Antigonum Cajan reporting. Back to you in the studio.. Until next...

Bonus: After I signed the petition, shortly afterward, more than one spam notices
arrived as butterflies in the spring. Beware....

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