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martes, 10 de marzo de 2009


Woke up this morning with the WasteManagement truck in Sagrado Corazon at five am. It is
the kind that lifts the receptacle.. Imagine the decibels, metal against metal. After that it is a little difficult going back to sleep.. I took Diva, our dog, to her ZEN out house. Down the path I smelled both Frangipanis, pink and yellow, the second is superior, monitored for diseases, check the lonely orchid with the intense pink contrasting with the flowers of the already mentioned small tree.

After the canine finished with her bodily functions, it was her chance to persecute Farrukito's cats loitering around. Later I watered the Murraya, Cuphea, Passiflora installation, monitoring again with the orange/lemon/mango trees finding that all is quiet on the north front. Which brings me to these thoughts.

There are 150 millions blogs or so. Only a million are updated within a week. When I started
this it was mostly for a keyboard practice. I started wondering when would readers may show up leaving relevant, or trivial comments after three months. A few appeared eventually, even
less got to the content of what was written.

It is natural. In a world where everyone thinks he/she is the center of the blogosphere, one
can only do his best. In our case, to propagate as no other, providing the botanical lists of
what is going on... With ocassional errors, not every thing survives or is kept once it has

Being critical comes naturally without effort. In Puerto Rico, any mentally challenged person
can start an enterprise and be sucessfull since there is no questioning as to probable results.
That is why agronomists, landscape architects, are abundant with results discussed
previously. A LANDSCAPE that looks exactly the same in the desert prairies of Guanica or the rainy forests of El Yunque. The exact same plant selection, installed in similar copied fashion from the previous idiotic design.

Some bloggers are like that, incapable of creating anything. Afraid of being ridiculed by some concepts, ideas, suggestions they stop trying. They remain the Joe Six Pack or the recent one The Plummer, of their own lives, looking for others for a reflection. Endemismotrasnochado is about setting trends. I do not visit blogs to get ideas. However, when I see a blog worthy of visiting such as , inartliesmylife, from India, it is mentioned. I think that the important thing about being original, is that one can be against the grain or inevitable, not hiding and willing to pay the consequences.

If you believe you have gotten it, send us your botanical list, your pictures. What you have
written on your own. Otherwise keep on trucking.. Readers will come one day. Until then...

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