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martes, 3 de marzo de 2009


AFTER A COUPLE of hours of soil drenching, spraying in the garden, some flower buds were noticed coming out after a long period of hiding, dormancy, in the tropics. Perhaps the most significant is the orchid, white said Don Miguel, when asked about the color.
This orchid was immortalized in an older post: 'Don Miguel and The Lonely Orchid'. It is not white, but pink... While I write I listen to some Musica Nortenha, lots of brass, with a weird beat, reminding us of SKA, that is why I listen to it.

Back to the studio...The other flowering small trees are the pink and yellow Frangipanis. The first was a present, bought in a shitty nursery. The second was propagated from a tree destroyed in Ashford Avenue, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
I am certainly proud of everything I have propagated, from stems, seeds, or division.

Particularly if no one else has it. That is my kick, forgive me if seemingly obssesive.
Of the identified 96 species posted here previously, 80 or more were not bought in the pathetic nurseries in Puerto Rico. This would help as the second part of todays

If you go to ANY nursery in Puerto Rico and ask about the name of many things, the answer will be, if known the local, vulgar name. If you ask the owner how many species there are in his local, the response is Uf, a lot...

Our stalker, I do not know if he is in love with yours truly, visits this blog too often. Always leaving some
meaningless message/comment as to our state of mind, being too critical, unprofessional, this guy apparently an agronomist, a small time entrepeneur is in constant whining without direction.

I reiterate. A blog is my own. I tell is as it is. As I perceive it. With criteria, credentials,
96 species, college degree, NY Botanical Garden Certificate. If the pathetic situation regarding landscape management, nurseries, missing aesthetics in garden installations by agronomists/landscape architects are not of your liking, sorry,
take the long walk on the short deck. Good luck with the theoretical frames expressed. The guy in Los Verdes, Aula Verde, Oro Verde all in the same bag.
Without any intelligent people around with credentials all become water and salt.

This blog exists thanks to our national stupidity and those proud of it. Taunting the flag at any chance. Send some pictures of any garden public/private in Puerto Rico that shows some consideration to aesthetics. Or the address., where I could go and observe. Or a decent nursery with real options and botanical names. Until next.

Or lator alligator...

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