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martes, 24 de marzo de 2009


WITH THE previous experience fresh in my hands, I took the Pandanus to the new home, not far from the previous planted Maguey. This time I brought a pick. The first blow left no doubt, the soil is mostly rocks, stones with a layer of clay hard as hell.

After a few minutes of digging I was able to place this tree, hidden from intruders by
grass, the only other thing growing in this lot, probably property of the agency operating the train system in the metro area of San Juan. The Maguey planted on Saturday is looking great since it has been raining.

Now it will be a matter of luck. If two or three months go by without municipal employees doing their cleaning or gardening tasks or spraying herbicides these two
plants have a great posssibility of making it.

In the home garden three Hibiscus were planted, along with three Polyscias fruticosa
besides the south wall. They will join some Turneras, Mirabilis, Frangipanis, and Arashis hipogea. The endemic Zamia will be moved to a different pot. The Chinese violets, Ipomoeas and a new Turnera are growing fast and healthy.

The following birds were sighted in the last days hanging by the bushes in the back
and front yard: Tiaris bicolor, Quiscalus niger, Eulampis holosericeus, Zenaida Aurita and Coereba Faveola or the popular names: Mozambique/Chango, Zumbador de pecho azul, Tortola cardosantera y Reinita comun.


WHEN repoting, one should consider the shape of the plant and the form of the pot.
Also the material: metal, plastic, rubber, fiberglass or clay, plus color. Rectangular pots are much elegant than cylindrical, circular ones. It gives formalility to your garden, and allows to place more plants than taller round ones.

It is totally subjective you may think. Perhaps. At any rate, just repoted a ZAMIA from an oval shaped, tall metal pot to a round, wide, flat clay pot.The difference is
impressive, the plant really stands out. It is a total new sight, even though I have had it for five years.

To create original, no found in stores soil... Save the coffee grounds, onion skins, and any others, dog poop, making sure it dries well with lots of sun and heat. I also add
all the leaves, dust that I collect every other day while I sweep the yard. When is ready and dry it becomes one third of the soil in every pot. During the process, always,
the appearance of earth worms does not fail. How these organisms appear out of nowhere I still need to find out...

For those into trivia the first rooting enzimes were cow pies. The cut stems were put
just as with enzimes to be planted later. Time to go..

It has being an intense morning with all the different chores.. And the great feeling of practicing what is preached.

The situation regarding the destruction of the environment has no end. There are
few places to go to do something useful.. The answer? Find a suitable place and
plant whatever suits your needs.. The satisfaction is great. Even if one day you
pass by and notice that all your effort has been destroyed by some callous, indifferent person towards nature. I know, three of my installations were destroyed. In the right side of this blog there are some pictures in front of a house. What you
see is all it was, now is nothing... Memories of beauty and effort.

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