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lunes, 9 de marzo de 2009


ONE OF THOSE ways to use time unwisely is defining and debating silly, meaningless issues. For example Hispanic or Latin? As when referring to those characters
living in USA, speaking or not English. Since people who speak Spanish are not Latin, the
term I would prefer to use in my known humble perspective is HISPANIC, but I solved the little problem coining ANGLOSPANO. Those with Spanish surnames unable to speak, write, understand Spanish coherently or jeringonza.

Moving to our constant subject, Horticulture, here a list of Latin terms used in botanical nomenclature is provided. They were found in an old catalogue, www.eonseed.com. It is a simple kind without pictures, black and white with a relatively good list of seeds, mostly herbs and other edibles.

  1. alatus = appearing winged
  2. angustiflolius = narrow leaves
  3. barbatus = bearded
  4. canadensis = from the North
  5. caerulea = blue
  6. chinensis = from China
  7. communis = common
  8. glomoratus = clustered together
  9. hirtus or hirsutus = hairy
  10. incarnatus = flesh colored
  11. japonica = from Japan
  12. latifolius = broad leafed
  13. lutea = yellow
  14. macranthus = growing by the sea
  15. mollis = soft
  16. nanas = dwarf
  17. nudiflorus = flowers before the leaves come
  18. paniculatus = having flowers in a cluster
  19. praetensis = of meadows, growing in a meadow
  20. papyfera = paper like
  21. pictum = painted
  22. procumbens = flat on the ground
  23. reptans, repens = creeping or spreading
  24. rotundifolia = round leaved
  25. rugosus = wrinkled
  26. sativum = cultivated
  27. semperflorens = ever blooming
  28. sinensis = from China
  29. tomentous = densely wolly
  30. vulgaris = ordinary, common
Well that is that, half of it. As a present to our fans, particularly the #1, in Puertoruido. To the rest of you, keep planting, researching, blogging with some sort of signature. There is no point in having a blog to disperse information copied verbatim from government agencies, as it seems to be the rule in some island forums.. Juat is the point?

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