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lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009


I KNOW IT IS A LONG TITTLE, but there is no other way to describe it, briefly. The story is as follows. I visit many blogs. When I find one weird, no good, or excellent,
I check out their favorite blogs or those they follow.

Out of every fifty, one is amazing
from our critical, sick perspective, as one dear reader put it bluntly, in other words.
Perhaps it is true and I could search for help. But where? Who is going to pay for it?
Who will know something about plants, enough to debate and then get into the therapy? Or should it be a coach or guru?

There are a couple of interesting issues regarding these good organic and natural hippies. Some will offer workshops to start your own edible garden 'teaching' the
customer all those chores related to preparing soil, planting, weeding and compost. To name a few.

The most guru/Pachamama like, may include yoga, meditation irrigation in your garden or your colon. Everything is natural and healthy. To get there, one of this huertos caseros, far away, in some Puerto Rico neck of the woods, it is necessary to request map/directions, only given by email.

They make an offer you can not refuse. The celestial, chance of working under the sun/heat for X amount of hours and receive lunch! Not a beer, Shyraz or Merlot, or a shot of Palo Viejo or my
favorite Balveine, to relax and enjoy the scenery under the shade of some Pithelobium dulce or their favorites, probably endemic ones.

So what is wrong with this picture? The cost is one. It is not free. The other is physical conditionn(yours!). Last but not least, irrigation. Starting from the end.
If you do not keep a serious irrigation system all you have planted with the yoga,
yogurt and organic dieting extras will pass away, believe me! Just one day missed
will screw up the plants by stress! Most will, some will survive.

If you are over fifty. Your knees, back, shoulders, hands will suffer. Get some nice,
not necessarily expensive gloves, a seat or good cushion for knees or both. I garden
with nice elegant hats when under heat/sun and long sleeves. Nice looking shorts.

One does not have to look like many gardeners for hire in Puerto Rico. BUMS with shirts too big, rags on their heads a la ARAB for protection from the intense sun.
In essence, clothing with faded colors, worn out by the sun and washing.

So there. My critical view of gardening elegantly. NO suggestions on what to buy.
Use your imagination with your budget in context. Look elegant, think of your stamina, energy and disposition. If you and your wife work outside, plan ahead
regarding caring for the garden. If you have children/pets be human, do not keep
them away from the garden all the time, they will certainly enjoy it too!

It does not matter if plants get trampled while they play, supervise, that is that!
If you can follow, seeing what is behind, I helped you save you $120.00 or $100.00.
Depending on your virtual selection. Happy gardening. Remember to set trends,
not just following.

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