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domingo, 29 de marzo de 2009


I BECAME a little irritated yesterday. While watching some television documentary about everything you can and can not imagine that men, (sorry feminists) have done
to the Humboldt penguins, something hit me with some tenderness as opposed to
lightning. It seems that environmentalists have some affection, without any type
of curbed enthusiasm for whales, tigers, gorillas, elephants and our dear penguins.
By the way the latter are strict disciplinarians. One watches with some pity the destiny of those pinguin chicks getting lost in their way home. Adult penguins beat the crap out of them, until they are found by parents or killed.

Perhaps the ones with better press are these huge water mammals or any other aquatic relative with their beauty and symmetry, elegance while in the water. However, rarely one will find a documentary explaining the point of saving these creatures
from whale meat loving peoples and avaricious fish mongers, so they can procreate and live in contaminated oceans with plastic and many other harmfull substances too long to enumerate here.

With elephants the issue is a little more complicated. They eat a lot, their turds are tokens. Trees are not exempted from their appetite. A forest disappears after a while with the population increase of these animals. The solution in Zinbawe and similar regions in Africa? Shoot them, one, two hundred at a time. Instead of selective killing to use the
meat among the natives and aboriginals with the proper gastronomy to prepare it.ns. This method of control is more intelligent for the environment, keeps the habitat for everyone else from being totally destroyed, avoiding the waste of killing all
those animals at once without any benefit except for vultures and others in charge of cleaning the mess.

With tigers the story will be short. They could kill people, they do. Their habitat, for example in India, get smaller and smaller. I see the future for this kind of animal only
in a zoo, or whatever is they call themselves now. It is very simple, people will continue to have sex with babies later. The earth does not get any bigger. Tigers will have to go.

Endemismotrasnochado and the relevance of all this? Apparently the equation is
simple. Everything on EARTH seems to be habitat related. You destroy the habitat
for one species and the whole system comes crumbling down. Which brings me to
what really moved me to write this.

MINING. Nothing besides logging industries, oil refineries, nuclear energy, chemical industry and construction developers destroy the earth with the speed and size of most mining: copper, aluminum and steel on the ground surface.
Coal, gold, diamond, emeralds destroy the earth in similar ways on the surface or underground. Yet no one seems concerned. For every one hundred documentaries
about the few animals discussed here arbitrarily, one may get a chance to see one
documentary about the remarkable destruction of the planet by mining companies.

When are we going to watch the hundred of species in the verge of destruction by
mining? It seems that destruction of aquatic species have more weight and relevance than those in soil; much closer to us, non lovers of water sports.

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