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sábado, 14 de marzo de 2009


THE FEEDBACK LESS comment made me think about the only thing that is perhaps
worth keeping in mind, nature. If you are member of a cult, better if protestant, saving
your soul, while losing your habitat is somewhat of an empty task. At any rate, your soul will certainly travel faster than a Concorde to heaven without water, air, soil, food
for that temple of your soul, your body.

The LESPERIAN TRIUMVIRATE, immerse in 'el petition' cause, honestly believe that
the act of signing anything will help to create conscience about the mutilation/destruction of trees in our asphalt/concrete isle. It all started with a
national pastime: TREE HUNT SEASON. This event takes place daily by home
owners, illiterate Green Industry for hire employees and government municipalities.

It is done with dull knives, machetes or motosierras (chainsaws). However, what motivated this
"action" by our worthy constituents, was the declaration of our 007 Department of
Natural Resources that it will be easier to do formally by their loved hicks (jibaros) and citizens, what is done informally daily. With a difference, now, it will be required to present pictures, to get permits to mutilate/destroy what is mutilated/destroyed any way.
But no one thought, among these bright academic and academic to be, minds of the positive side. With the pictures, a mausoleum the size of el YUNQUE could
be built to honor the trees fallen on this one sided daily battle. Instead of what is happening now. They all get killed anonymously.

Other certain deja vus, life seems just a dull repetition of acts(Cortazar, wrote about it), is that these defenders of trees have made no declaration about their committment renouncing to have turf, grass, lawn, hedges or palm trees in their properties. Why? They are of cuestionable aesthetics. Two. They require maintenance that unless done with hand tools need using machines that pollute with noise, water, air and soil with spills.

If the Green Industry and these defenders of trees had any understanding of ecology, they would not even think of talking about GLOBAL WARMING, without previous pondering about the above parragraph.

More deja vus. The newest 007 director, a young fellow who probably has not planted a bean in elementary school great opportunity to show (in front of TV cameras) talent and action in our environment context? Digging holes to plant even more trees known to grow in those
areas to be planted. Those were his words while referring to Emajaguilla and Coccoloba Uvifera prone to grow in salty, sandy environments.

What else? Some people who started attacking us with insults toward credentials,
education and skills seem now to love, want to embrace us.. I do not know what for or why. My criticism is not personal and wish you all no harm in the pocket. If the intention is to offer me employment, I am retired, but planning to
go back to Civil Court in Manjatan to do what we used to: interpret/sight trasnlation.
I would consider a position of Director, for twenty five bucks hour, my salary then.

I would consider any offer if there is evidence of educating the customers with
the benefits of eliminating turf, substitute it with artificial turf/ground covers. By the way, entrepeneur brother in arms, have you thought of el billete, your motivation, in the
installing of beautiful artificial grass? You will make a bundle! You probably saw
it in the Hiram Bithorn, it really looks real to the uninitiated.

The other requirement is the same about palm trees, no more palm trees, recycling
of water used for irrigation, no use of chemicals: pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers,
or fungicides. All organic. Have I left anything?

YEP! What about the title? I thought this as a tribute to the one below. Lulus Dejavus, what a magnificent tittle for some Delta Blues......

Mis dejavuses no

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