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martes, 3 de marzo de 2009


IT IS DIFFICULT, to have critical views in a land where stealing, fraud, complacency,
in many segments of the society, politicians, protestant ministers, doctors, lawyers, bankers decide to get rich quickly with someone else's money. A few,
get caught thanks
to Federal authorities, doing their job against some cat skinners resenting the presence of USA in Puerto Rico.

However, gardening is the subject of this blog, horticulture, and difficult to exclude,
ecology, environment issues that should be kept in focus when planting, installing a garden on one hand. The other is avoiding/eliminating the destruction of this same
environment we are trying to protect, to improve while using noisy, polluting lawn mowers, blowers, trimmers, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers and insecticides.

If one follows with consistency those beliefs being preached, GOLF, is out of the question. There is no other tendency in landscaping design more destructive to
the environment than golf courses. Think only of the waste of water through irrigation, the chemicals and machines used to keep the turf playable.

However, not everything is lost. To keep the mental sanity without any jerk humortivator, or coach, or astrologer, one should visit blogs with something to
say, with their own voice. Even if we strongly disagree with essential matters or the
trivial such as writing style, poetry, celestial perspectives and such.

One of my frequently visited blogs is in India, inartliesmyheart.blogspot.com, a great
discovery three weeks ago. Many of the plants in the author collection are also in mine. But that is only one reason to follow. There are also botanical names, excellent photography.

From New York State, there is colorsofthegarden.blogspot.com, another great one with stories, anecdotes of gardening and cats for example.

In Puerto Rico, a rare not often updated blog, birdsbackyard.blogspot.com. This character is from a place called Barceloneta, also a vecinity in Barcelona, Spain.
Birds that we see, know but either we do not know the botanical names or the vulgar one. Contrary to the Ornithological Society fellows, somewhat stiff and unable to spread the knowledge to the masses, this blog is simple, with nice pictures.

Australia has more than one excellent blog, now this will suffice, gardenamateur.blogspot.com. Many well known trees used in Puerto Rico and other places in the world come from this island/continent. But we are not getting into that matter. An excellent article about Murrayas paniculatas, is there to enjoy. This small tree was very popular in most garden installations in this territory of the USA.

For some reason, we imagine having to do with money, fast growing issues, nurseries stop selling them, being substituted with FICUS BENJAMINA for hedges and topiaries. One can only guess the IQ of any person planting this monster of a tree with such silly purposes. A tree that can grow a thousand feet in spread!

That is that. When tired of one's dull surroundings in garden installations in the Metro Zone in San Juan, either you take a drive well planned as written before or
visit these blogs and those they recommend. You will feel some fresh air, just looking
at some pictures or reading blogs better written than this one.

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